Google Bard chatbot now Malayalam language; New Updates Introduced

Google's AI chatbot Google Bard has introduced some new changes. Bard will now work in 40 new languages ​​including Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada and Urdu. Bard is currently available in 180 plus countries.


Anyone can use this chat bot on the web page


What are the new changes in Bard?


1 Let's hear Bard's replies


This new feature lets you hear Bard's answers to questions. Google says that this system will be very useful for listening to the pronunciation of a word and reading poetry and writing. For this, after typing the question and getting the answer, just click on the sound button shown above. This system is available in 40 languages.


2 Bard's replies can be adjusted


Bard's replies can be customized with this feature. It has five options like simple, long, short, professional and casual. There will be a dropdown menu for these options. This option is first available in English language.


3 Ability to pin and rename communications


Conversations of previously asked questions can be revisited later, pinned, renamed, etc. Once the chat starts there will be an option to pin and rename. This facility is available in 40 languages.


4 Instructions can be given using pictures


You can also give instructions to the bard using pictures. The Google Lens system will help Bard examine this image. Bard will provide information related to the image. It is available in English language.


5 Let's share Bard's answers


Answers provided by Bard may be shared on other platforms as links. This facility is available in 40 languages.


6 Python code can be converted to Replit


Bardillas allows you to export Python code as a reblit. This facility is available in 40 languages.


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