Premium subscription made free; YouTube to attract non-premium subscribers

YouTube's New Strategy to Attract Non-Premium Subscribers YouTube is offering users a free three-month YouTube Premium subscription. After the three-month free subscription ends, you will be charged


Enjoy ad-free videos on YouTube and features including background play on YouTube Music at Premium. 129 in India for a month's premium subscription. The three-month plan is priced at Rs 399.


Users will be charged Rs 129 each if the free subscription is activated and not withdrawn before it expires. Users can enjoy free subscription through their own profile or through another Gmail account.


Tap on your YouTube profile picture and select Get YouTube Premium to get a free subscription. Choose a three month plan from this. Opt for a three-month free subscription. After that, if you provide the bank details, you will get the subscription. The premium price varies based on the subscription period. The three-month plan costs Rs 399, the one-month plan costs Rs 129 and the one-year plan costs Rs 1,290.


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